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DevOps Process Tools
Choose the Tools, Metrics and Process you Need to Achieve your DevOps Goals

November 14, 2017

If you read our last blog post, you know the first step of the DevOps transition is to introduce the cultural change across your company.

Once that process is underway, you will need to determine the tools necessary to measure your baseline performance today, align your team’s communication and workflow, and implement the processes you need to achieve the DevOps goals set for your organization.

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DevOps Transition
Make the DevOps Transition: The First Step to Successfully Adopting the DevOps Framework

October 5, 2017

Switching to DevOps comes with impressive benefits, as we discussed in our previous blog post, but it is also a great undertaking — one that can seem a bit overwhelming.

You have likely seen businesses around you adopt DevOps and succeed at it, so you know it’s time to catch up and do the same. Here, we are going to share the first step of successfully transitioning by making changes across the culture of your business.

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Improve the Speed and Quality of your Software Delivery: The Benefits of Transitioning to DevOps

September 12, 2017

Are your developers struggling with the release process? Is your organization discovering major problems late in the cycle — or in production? These may be signs that it’s time to adopt the DevOps framework.

Adopting DevOps is a big change, one that can greatly improve your organization’s agility. It requires bringing together different functions and roles who might not otherwise work together each day. This cultural shift is a challenge to overcome, as is setting up the process and the new technology tools needed for the framework. However, when implemented correctly and supported by your company’s leadership, DevOps will give you faster product release cycles with lowered costs and risks.

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Determining Test Suites for Quality Assurance: How to Decide Which Test Suites to Use and When

August 17, 2017

Quality assurance is an essential part of the development process, as it ensures software will function as expected upon release. But what kind of software QA should you plan to use, and at what point should test suites be run?

Pinpointing your best test suite option is done by defining the purpose of running QA tests and recognizing your current position in the software development lifecycle. To help determine which test suites to use and when, here are a few standard questions to consider when planning QA for your projects.Read the story

Best Practices for Building Communication with Offshore Teams

August 11, 2017

Working with offshore developers is a common practice for businesses looking to augment their staff and reduce project costs. There is software development talent available around the globe, but, similar to your onshore team, without clear direction and open communication, offshoring projects will not yield quality development. In order to achieve a cooperative relationship between you and developers abroad, good offshore communication is essential.

To help you find success with software development teams across the world, we put together our best practices for communicating with distributed development teams.
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San Jose, Costa Rica
Benefits of Nearshoring and the Costa Rica Advantage

August 2, 2017

We know when you’re looking to outsource software development, saving time and money to get projects delivered quickly and completely is key. You can achieve such goals by looking to Costa Rica to hire top-notch nearshore developers. Costa Rica not only boasts high rates in technology education — it is also easily accessible from the United States thanks to its location and time zone.
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Global Audit, Tax and Advisory Corporation

With a robust technology consultancy practice running captive and outsourced development center for IT, Business Process and Software Development Outsourcing, EPIC was chosen for its flexibility, agility and proximity to US based clients and has grown into a trusted adviser for financial applications.
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Regional Logistics Company

Mined in Egypt, Australia, Brazil, Ireland and Mexico, salt begins the annual trek from exotic destinations to its final resting place on the roads and highways in the Northeastern US. Boston’s winter is coming! From tankers to trains from trucks to terminals, mounds are piled and housed along our roads and highways waiting for the spreaders to keep them navigable as millions brave their winter commutes. EPIC managed a technology upgrade from legacy to cutting edge Microsoft technologies to manage logistics electronically.
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Global Consultancy and Tax Advisory Services Provider

A Service Provider with a network of independent accounting and consulting member firms and provides assurance, tax and advisory services to privately held businesses, public interest entities, and public sector entities. This not-for-profit, non-practicing, international umbrella membership entity organized chose EPIC to rewrite and optimize financial analysis tools used by thousands of consultants globally. There are over 2,500 member firm partners and total member firm personnel of over 40,000 that have access to the tools.
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Pharmaceutical Data Analytics Company

Supporting the Pharmaceutical Industry. With a unique combination of data expertise, robust processes and innovative technology for pharmaceutical companies. While working with companies of all sizes, they have developed a niche with start-up to medium sized businesses providing outstanding consultative and hands-on service. Pharmaceutical companies are turning raw data from disparate sources into cohesive and meaningful insights. EPIC has been advising the advisor on how to create user-friendly products that enable the clients’ success.
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