“If I said this is exciting, it's an understatement. I am just thrilled, walking on air, elated with the work that has been done on this project.”

Program Director, Healthcare ISV

Distributed Agility

With our expertise in distributed agile methodology, we have the flexibility to work YOUR way. At EPIC, our clients come first.

Our senior technology consultants are here to solve your business challenges, and will engage with you to implement the right process and technology solution while developing a migration strategy towards the proposed environment. We take the time to understand your key stakeholders, goals, the culture, and skills of your team as well as your timeline and budget.

We will help you define what success looks like. Our business analysts can help you build your product roadmap, and feature iteration plan with our Distributed Agile process. EPIC’s senior team members work with you to define the project scope, prioritize key features, and set timelines and resourcing needs.

Are you working to improve your development and deployment process?

“Spectacular results... the EPIC team is far ahead of where they thought they would be at this point in the project.”

Project Manager, Regional Logistics Company

EPIC has the right talent! We can help you architect and develop new applications, while maintaining, stabilizing and improving your legacy systems.

Application Development
Mobile Applications
Legacy Maintenance & Enhancement
Quality Assurance & Test Automation
Release Management

EPIC delivers transparent, predictable progress toward your business goals across the full software lifecycle

Requirements Gathering

Whether you do agile or waterfall, or a hybrid, we will help you set up an implementation plan and define the implementation's requirements. Our business analysts can help you build your product roadmap and feature iteration process. EPIC’s senior team members work with you to define the project scope, prioritize key features, and set timelines and resourcing needs.


As experts in distributed agile, we work with you as an integrated part of your core team. Whether leading a project, or in collaboration with other technology teams, we know that there is there is no one-size-fits-all approach to development. EPIC assigns the staff with the best fit for your team and technology requirements.

Create the Technology Environment

Whether your focus is on enterprise or software, EPIC has the infrastructure experience to set up an optimal environment for your application, following best practices for security, asset management, communications and operations management, and privacy. We conduct background checks on our employees, and EPIC’s development and test servers reside in a SSAE 16 certified data center.

Determine Governance Processes

We understand that business and technology leadership must stay aligned for long term success, and this isn't always easy! EPIC can help you establish a governance process for feature prioritization and decision making, as well as risk management for your technology investments.

Environment Analysis

We know it’s often necessary to care for legacy systems while building a new application. EPIC will analyze and share architectural insights about your technology stack, and recommend the best tools and process for the job. One reason many of our customers stay with us for the long term is the ongoing strategic guidance and personalized service our senior team provides.


Let us help you with the internal transition to the new application. Our team members are here to help with documentation, training, knowledge transfer, and transition support for your staff as they onboard the new system.

Set a Development Process

We work with our clients to select the methodologies and tools that best support your requirements and timeline. With our time zone coverage and agile approach, we can support you with the meeting frequency that is appropriate for your team, such as daily scrums, scrum of scrums, and weekly managerial meetings.

Our clients value us as integral team members who get the job done on time and on spec. We are proud of our high client retention rate and under 2% staff turnover.