“The developers from EPIC contribute on a daily basis, not just technically, but by suggesting better ways to design, develop, test and deploy our applications. I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

President, Pharmaceutical Data Company

Solutions driven by today’s leading technologies

EPIC has expertise in the end-to-end software development lifecycle services for:

  • Software product architecture, design, and development
  • Web and mobile
  • Cloud-based applications

We are specialists in:

  • Microsoft .NET and related technologies
  • Java, Javascript frameworks, and other open source technologies
  • Mobility: native apps, cross-platform, responsive design
  • Front-end UX: HTML5, CSS3

Need help solving your engineering challenges?

Rely on senior developers with experience —from web to mobile, with depth in Microsoft, Java, open source, full stack, and cloud.

Our access to global talent gives EPIC breadth of coverage. With depth in full stack development across these frameworks, we can serve as a technical advisor to you, with the experience to delivery your solution on time and on budget.


EPIC has deep expertise in mobile app development, including native, cross platform and responsive. We can help you architect solutions that run smoothly across all devices. EPIC has developed mobile applications for both B2B and B2C audiences. We utilize the latest frameworks and accelerators such as Xamarin to expedite mobile development and ensure our applications work on multiple platforms.

iOS Development Android HTML5
Platforms iOS, Android, HTML5, Windows
Languages Obj-C, Java, C#, C++
Tools Xamarin, Unity3D, PhoneGap
Responsive design and development


As a Microsoft Certified Development Partner, we are experts in the entire Microsoft application development stack with over 40 engagements in the past two years. We continuously invest in our team members to ensure that we evolve with Microsoft's technologies to deliver solutions that are scalable, easy to maintain, secure, and reusable.

Microsoft .NET
Platforms Windows Server, Windows Azure
Languages C#, VB.NET
Technologies ASP.NET MVC/ WebForms, WCF/WPF, WebAPI
Libraries SignalR, Json.NET
Persistence Frameworks Entity Framework, NHibernate, LINQ2SQL
Databases MS SQL Server, SQL Azure, AWS DynamoDB
Integration SSIS
Reporting SSRS, Crystal Reports

Front-end Web Applications

With a myriad of open source technologies available today, many companies take advantage of the minimal licensing cost of these technologies, yet struggle finding resources who can execute and maintain them. With EPIC's comprehensive SDLC coverage, we have the team who can guarantee your success.

Languages JavaScript, Node.js
Technologies HTML5, CSS3, AJAX/Comet/WebSockets
Libraries ReactJS (Redux), Angular.js, jQuery, Bootstrap, Knockout.js, Backbone.js, ExtJS, D3.js
Client-side optimization


EPIC’s consultative approach and end-to-end expertise in PHP development can help you reap benefits beyond cost savings. With EPIC, you can be assured that applications we deliver are flexible and scalable, giving you the competitive advantage you need in a fast changing environment

Platforms LAMP, MAMP, WAMP
Languages PHP 5.x, PHP 7.0
Web Services REST, SOAP
Web/CMS Frameworks Yii Framework 1,2, Zend Framework 1,2, Laravel, Symfony Framework 1,2,3, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Magento
ORM Doctrine, Propel
Databases MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, AWS DynamoDB


Our team of Java and Open Source software specialists goes beyond traditional apps development – we have developed innovative software such as 3D web apps and dynamic dashboards for today’s leading edge enterprises.

Servers/Servlet Containers Tomcat, Jetty
Web Frameworks Spring, Grails, Play Framework
SOA & Integration Services RESTful, Jersey, JSON-API, SOAP
View Frameworks Thymeleaf, Freemarker, GWT/ Vaadin, Velocity, GSP, Swing/AWT
Persistence Frameworks JPA, Hibernate, JDBC, JOOQ, MyBatis
Databases PostgreSQL, MySQL, HSQLDB, Sybase, Marklogic, Oracle, Redis
Integration Talend

Python, Ruby, and Rails

If you are working with Python or community-supported frameworks such as Ruby, EPIC has experienced developers who can support you from design through deployment.

Versions 2.6, 2.7, 3.x
Frameworks Django, Flask, Bottle, Tornado, Twisted
Libraries Celery, SQLAlchemy, gevent, asyncio
Databases MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB


We are experienced at building cloud-based technologies effectively, for application development and infrastructure management, in both SaaS and enterprise applications. Using agile software development methodologies and best practices, EPIC can ensure faster time-to-market as well as reliable and consistent enhancements.

Windows Azure
SQL Azure, Table/Blob/Queue storage